Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Slots in Maryland. Let's get it done!

Why is Maryland dragging on the inevitable by not introducing slots. Delaware, West Virginia and Pennsylvania has made the move to add the one arm bandits to their thoroughbred race tracks. Maryland horse racing is and will continue to suffer while the surrounding states thrive if something is not done soon.

Virginia will not see slots in our lifetime and horse racing will always be a week industry with light interest and cheap racing. When Maryland gets the slot machines, you will see the demise of Colonial Downs. Maybe a Nascar track would better suite New Kent, Virginia. Slots seem to be the answer. You hear the arguments, "not in my backyard", "not an image we want to portray". There is no end to the "why nots". Maybe it has been said already, but I believe it's about the revenue it takes away from the lottery. Ah Ha! I must admit that I am not an expert on state lottery fund allocation, but I am sure the key word there is, "State". I bet if the state got their cut of the action, then the slots would have shown up yesterday. Come on people, for real, what's the hold up?

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