Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Go Cali!

Once again, I feel I must express my thoughts regarding drug test in the sport of Thoroughbred Horse Racing.

I am all for California race tracks to start drug testing in the barns during training hours. This will certainly bring the playing field closer to even. This means that random drug testing can be administered to see if a trainer is using performance enhancing drugs to train his horses. The benefit of training these horses on medication, allows them work harder, longer, faster, in the morning and will condition the horse faster and stronger so when it is time to race, he has an advantage whether using these drugs on race day or not.

The argument against this practice is that... "What if a horse is in need of antibiotics or has a sprain, disease, or other health disorder that needs legitimate treatment?" Navicular disease, where isoxsuprine (a common treatment) is used to treat the horses, is a valid use. The use of isoxsuprine for performance enhancement is common and we know that the number of horses that are on it do not have navicular disease.

All this said, I hope a system can be implemented for random substance testing in the morning. I will be more than happy to help create this program. I feel if the vets are on board and the administration of drugs are logged and reported to the racing commission, then that would be a great start. The D.V.M. should have to write an actual prescription as the M.D. does for us human kind. This would make the veterinarian responsible for the health of the animal and his own reputation. Trainers are not allowed to have needles in the barn and have to pay serious consequences if they are caught. This rule needs to be enforced more often and barn checks with stiff penalties will help stop this practice.

Thoroughbred horse racing is the only professional sport that allows anabolic steroids. Just an observation. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Lets be kinder to our horse athletes and let them run how they were intended by nature. Maybe the real trainers will shine through. After all, one horse must win.


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