Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kentucky Colonel Christopher Crocker

We are pleased to announce that in 2007, Christopher Crocker has been commissioned a Kentucky Colonel by the Great State of Kentucky and Governor Ernie Fletcher. Congratulations Colonel Christopher Crocker! Christopher is the Trainer of Crocker Racing Stable.

Crocker is also known for developing the only comprehensive thoroughbred horse racing partnership that focuses on maximizing profits and minimizing risk. The program implements strategy and cost effective racing practices with no monthly training and maintenance fees. Nowhere else will you find a client friendly program that requires a minimal investment so that everyone has the opportunity to own race horses. Nowhere will you know exactly what you have invested in. All other programs hide cost and generate huge profits by requiring ridiculous maintenance fees or large upfront resales of cheep horses, for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to the unsuspecting buyers. Crocker Racing Stable has the only partnership program that will refund, yes that's right, refund money not spent. With Crocker Racing Stable's Thoroughbred Horse Racing Partnership, you will known exactly where every dime of your investment goes.

Learn how you can get in on this unique program with little investment. No other program offers such a low risk, honest program to the public. We challenge you to find one.

- Crocker Racing Stable Inc. and Thoroughbred Horse Racing Partnerships.

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